Things to do during your stay immediately from the campsite:

Walks: Melvich Beach, North Coast Trig Point & Portskerra Harbour

Melvich Beach

Turn right out of the main entrance to the campsite. Approximately 10 minutes walk to the track that will lead you to the beautiful Melvich Beach and the mouth of the Halladale River. Popular with the surfers, dog walkers alike.

North Coast Trig Point

Approximately 30 minutes walk from the campsite. Once you are down in the beach carpark, walk through the gate to the right to the Halladale River and cross over the footbridge. Walk to the left of Mackay Clan House ‘Big House’ and work your way up to one of the highest points on the North Coast. Beautiful views can be had and the amazing feeling of being on the top of the world.

Portskerra Harbour

Approximately 30-40 minutes walk from the campsite. Walk right out of the campsite towards the village past and bear off to the right when you reach ‘The Melvich Hotel’. Walk past the ‘Melvich General Store’ on your left and either follow the coast around to the right or take the high road to the left. It is one big loop so you will not get lost. The harbour is sign posted for you. You also have the choice of walking the coastal path or go down to the beach and walk over the rocks back to the bay.

Kirkton Farm & Buggy Tour

Buggy Tours & Farm Visits

Please book ahead via the website: or ring Willy or Juanella on 07857 423 843. Kirkton farm is approximately 30 minutes walk from the campsite or 5 mins drive. Walk left out of the campsite for about 10 minutes and you will see the sign to Kirkton Farm and walk down the track to your right. Depending on the time of year you can see lambs being born and get the chance to feed them; see the beautiful highland cows; many varieties of sheep; hens; and pigs. The buggy tour will give you an insight into farming in the highlands, as well as seeing an ancient graveyard, an active badger set and a video of badgers  activities. You can also get up close and friendly with the sheep, and their resident highland cows and you may even see some Viking burial grounds. All riding in a farm buggy. Great fun for all ages!!!!

Fishing the Halladale River and the Lochs

Halladale River

Daily permits can be obtained from ‘Coastline Coffee Shop’ in Melvich, which is within walking distance of the campsite. All proceeds from the day permits go to the Melvich Infant school. The Halladale River can also be accessed by foot from the campsite. Ask at our reception for more details.

The Lochs

Some of the Lochs you can fish are within walking distance from the campsite. You are able to book to fish in 50 different lochs in the area by joining the Forsinard Flyfishers’ Club. You can join for a very reasonable price and enjoy fishing for the whole family. Visit the website or ring 07920 571026 for more details.

Puffins: Take a trip from the campsite to see the Puffins


Take a guided walk to see the puffins and more

Graham (The Far North Naturalist) with 35 years of experience working in nature conservation, will take you on a guided walk to discover the norths special birds, plants, insects and mammals. Visit his website give him a call: 07864 322 776 or visit his facebook: @GrahamThompsonBirding to book.

See the Puffins from the sea

Portskerra Charters is run by the lovely Dave, who lives in the village of Melvich and he will take you out on his boat to see the puffins by sea. Portskerra Harbour is within walking distance of the campsite which is where Dave will be waiting for you. To prebook your boat trip visit his facebook page:  Portskerra Charters | Facebook or call him on: 07377 247539 or email:

Hire an E-Bike and cycle to the cove from the campsite

Strathy Bay Pods will deliver the bikes to the campsite for you. To cycle to Puffins Cove will take about 30 mins to cycle to and then leave them at the top while you walk down to the cove. To book your bikes call Scott on: 07539 009 331 or email:

DISTILLERIES: Visit the websites or give them a call to book your tour.

North Point

They make our very own ‘HALLADALE GIN’ as long as their own gin, Rum & Whisky. Approximately 10 miles from the campsite to the east. Website: North Point Distillery | Highland Rum Distillery


50 year old Whisky distillery just on the outskirts of Thurso, approximately 17 miles from the campsite to the east. Website:  Wolfburn Distillery, Thurso

Dunnet Bay Distillery

A small, family run distillery producing Rock Rose Gin and Holy Grass Vodka. Located at Dunnet Head approximately 30 minutes drive away to the East. Website: Scottish Gin & Vodka | Dunnet Bay Distillers

Other attractions within easy reach of Melvich

Strathy Point

A short drive or cycle from the campsite and well worth seeing the beautiful lighthouse and you may see some Alpacas on the way!

Strathnaver Museum

This can be reached by car from the campsite by turning right out of the entrance and diving about 30 mins to Bettyhill. The museum is on your right before you enter the village.

Dunnet Head

A 45 minutes drive to the east as you go out of the campsite and the most Northernly point of the UK. Well worth a visit.

John O’Groats

The most easternly point and a 40 minute drive to the east from the campsite. Go and have your picture taken by the famous signpost to prove you have been there.

Castle & Gardens of Mey

A 45 minute drive away to the East as you leave the campsite. The queen Mothers favourite place. Website: The Castle of Mey: Scottish Castle & Gardens | Castle Wedding Venue

Sinclair Girnigoe Castle

Approximately 45 minutes drive away to the east, Castle Sinclair Girnigoe is located about 3 miles north of Wick. It is considered to be one of the earliest seats of Clan Sinclair. It comprises the ruins of two castles: the 15th-century Castle Girnigoe; and the early 17th-century Castle Sinclair. Website: